Open primaries and ranked choice voting are widely supported by Alaskans.

Here are some reasons why.

"Ranked choice voting allowed me to vote for the candidate of my choice for the first time in my life. And I've been voting since 1976. Usually, I've been obligated to vote for the least bad candidate that I thought had a chance of winning. Ranked choice voting offers us real democracy, more varied candidates, real choice"

- Scott Miller, Homer

"I support open primaries. No matter what party I am affiliated with, I should have the choice to support the candidate that is most closely aligned with my values. Sometimes that's a Democrat, sometimes it's a Republican, sometimes an independent. The voters have spoken on this issue and made their position clear."

- Debbie McKay, Kenai

"Open primaries and ranked-choice voting have benefited all citizens to have a more equitable voice and stake in their government"

- Lejla Berberovic, Anchorage

"Those who are fighting against RCV are bent on closing primaries, taking away people’s choices, and importing the divisive politics of the rest of the country. We’ve built bipartisan coalitions through RCV that are strengthening our education system, protecting our rights, and building our economy."

- Tom Begich

"Per capita, Alaska has more registered nonpartisan voters than any other state in the country. Our election system reflects this independence and the open primary gives all Alaskan voters the freedom to vote for any candidate they support."

- Penny Gage

"I like allowing every voter, regardless of party affiliation, to have an equal say in who advances from an open primary to the general election. Open primaries and ranked-choice voting motivate candidates to appeal to a broader base, rather than having candidates pitching extreme views to win a primary and then trying to come across as responsive to a broader audience in the general election. Who is opposed to an approach that rewards moderation and inclusiveness instead of narrow partisanship?"

- Diane Schenker, Anchorage

"In the 44 years I have lived in Alaska, I finally feel the voting procedure is really representing the voice of the majority vote! I voted for ranked-choice voting, and I would vote for it again."

- Carol Hazeltine, Anchorage

    Open primaries and ranked choice voting are widely supported by Alaskans.

    Here are some reasons why.

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    Alaskans believe that elections should be about voting for the best candidate, regardless of whether they are a Republican, Democrat, or independent and that’s exactly what our new election system with open primaries allows every Alaskan to do. Over 60% of Alaskans have chosen not to register with any political party. Our new voting system gives every Alaskan the freedom to vote for the any candidate they want. These reforms help unrig our political system and put power and freedom back in the hands of the voters.


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    "We support ranked choice voting because it gives everybody options... The candidate should be able to get the message out, and then let the people decide who they want to vote on. Taking away ranked choice voting means you don’t want people to have more options."
    Kevin McGee
    NAACP Anchorage President
    "The process to elect a candidate shouldn’t be controlled by a single party, in a back room. It should be the citizens who elect the candidate."
    Linda Hutchings
    Business Owner, Soldotna Republican
    "Alaska’s ranked choice voting system is good public policy. It gives a voice to the majority of Alaskans who are not at either end of the political extremes. It also allows for better candidates, qualified individuals who can take thoughtful, moderated positions that would not have allowed them to survive a primary vote in the last few years, in either political party."
    Bryan Schroder
    Former US Attorney for the District of Alaska
    "The open primary and ranked choice voting system gets us back to basics. Candidates have to earn each vote, one vote at a time. The current election system is a big, dynamic positive change of being able to vote for candidates."
    Jennifer Johnston
    Former Alaska State Representative
    "Ranked choice will help restore confidence in our electoral system by creating a lane that allows politicians to become public servants — in service of all Alaskans."
    Joe Nelson
    Serves as chairman of Sealaska and is a co-chair of the Alaska Federation of Natives.
    "Our current open primary and ranked choice voting system allows for more freedom, more choice, more influence, and greater participation among Alaskans."
    Ana Hoffman
    Co-Chair, Alaska Federation of Natives; President/CEO, Bethel Native Corporation
    "The open primary and RCV puts candidate ballot access squarely where it belongs: with Alaska voters. Any Republican can run. Any Democrat can run. More and most importantly, any Alaskan can run."
    Chris Bye
    Former Libertarian US House candidate, US Army veteran, Fairbanks resident
    "English is my second language. If someone like me understood the instructions, someone who speaks only in English should understand the system better than I do and did."
    Nelson Angapak Sr.
    US Army veteran; former Senior Vice President, Alaska Federation of Natives
    "Open primaries and ranked choice voting allow for political leaders to engage in open, honest and public discussions on hard issues instead of just focusing on what will play well with the party bosses in the next election cycle."
    Randy Hoffbeck
    Evangelical Pastor and former Revenue Commissioner
    "I appreciate the option to rank or not rank certain candidates. I was able to control the process; no one else was selecting a candidate in a closed primary process that I wasn’t part of, then leaving me with the options they chose. I was able to cast my vote how I wanted."
    La quen náay Liz Medicine Crow
    First Alaskans President and CEO
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      🚨Deadline to register to vote (or change your address,) is this Sunday, July 21st!🚨

Check out great info from Get Out The Native Vote below⬇️

      🚨Deadline to register to vote (or change your address,) is this Sunday, July 21st!🚨

      Check out great info from Get Out The Native Vote below⬇️PLEASE SHARE! Deadline to register to vote (or change your address,) is this Sunday, July 21st!

      If your signature is on file with the State, by way of Division of Motor Vehicles (license or state ID,) or through the PFD application, you can register online:

      For in-person, go to your city or borough clerk's office, Legislative Information Office (LIO,) or a Division of Elections office.

      Message below any questions or concerns, Facebook messenger us, or call the Division at Phone: (907) 465-4611 or Toll-Free: (866) 952-8683
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