Alaska voters adopt ranked-choice voting in ballot initiative

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In a tight vote that came down to about 4,000 ballots, Alaskans approved a measure to join Maine in conducting their elections using ranked-choice voting by approving the ballot initiative Measure 2. Measure 2 makes sweeping changes to how Alaska administers elections. Instead of two primaries, in which each political party nominates a candidate for the general election in November, the state will …

Alaska becomes second state to approve ranked-choice voting as Ballot Measure 2 passes by 1%

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ICYMI: Read this on ADN Alaska voters have approved a ballot measure that will make Alaska the second state in the nation to use ranked-choice voting in statewide elections. With an estimated 99.9% of votes counted statewide, Ballot Measure 2 has received the support of 50.55% of Alaska’s voters, according to results posted Tuesday night by the Alaska Division of …

Alaska Voters Approve Landmark Nonpartisan Election Reforms

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Alaskans approved a ballot measure aimed at reducing polarization in politics and encouraging greater cooperation among lawmakers by reforming the state’s election system.  Over 170,000 Alaskans voted “yes” on Ballot Measure 2, which reforms the state’s elections by tightening campaign finance disclosure requirements, creating a unified primary open to all voters, and allowing voters to rank candidates in general elections. …

Alaska elections overhaul moves another step closer to passing

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Ballot Measure 2 grew closer to passing on Friday, with 1,141 more yes votes than no votes after the day’s count. The measure would overhaul Alaska’s election laws, with a single primary open to all parties and ranked-choice voting. There were 10,990 ballots counted on Friday. The Division of Elections said there are 22,635 ballots left to count.

Lead expands for ballot measure that would overhaul Alaska elections

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ICYMI: Read this on the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner The lead for the ballot measure that would remake Alaska’s elections system continued to build Saturday with the latest update from the Alaska Division of Elections. The yes votes for Ballot Measure 2 gained an additional 425 votes Saturday, for a lead of 1,566 votes, or 50.24%. As of the end of …

Ballot measure enacting new elections practices pulls ahead

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ICYMI: Read in the Fairbanks Daily News Miner A ballot measure aimed at diluting the influence of political parties and dark money in Alaska politics is gaining speed as ballot counting for the 2020 state election goes into the weekend. The latest update time stamped at 4:29 p.m. on Friday shows Ballot Measure 2 is up by 1,141 votes, according …

Halftime Report on Ballot Measure 2 — 45 Percent of Known Ballots Still to be Counted

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The Alaska Division of Elections has ballots — including early, questioned and absentee ballots — that must still be counted before the actual results of the General Election can be known. The Division will begin the process of counting the remaining ballots tomorrow, November 10.  “All the votes have been cast, but this race isn’t over. The Division of Elections …

Alaska’s elections aren’t serving us well. Ballot Measure 2 will help.

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ICYMI: Read this editorial on ADN Endorsements are made by the editorial board and reflect the opinion of the owners. The newsroom operates independently of the editorial board and is not involved in the endorsement process. Can we make elections better? That’s the question Ballot Measure 2 seeks to answer. The three-part initiative would overhaul the primary and general election …