Elections are for Voters, not Party Bosses or Special Interests

Yes on 2 for Better Elections Will Take Back the Power of Our Elections and Give Voters More Choice and More Voice

Alaskans for Better Elections

Ballot Measure 2 is about bringing more choice, more voice, and more power to voters. We all want a brighter future for Alaska. Changing how we elect our leaders can encourage politicians — regardless of party — to work together on solutions that represent the will of the people. After all, elections are for voters, not politicians.

We are in a period of political transformation. Neither of the two major parties has a handle on how to move our state forward, and there’s great uncertainty and anxiety about what comes next. Our politics have become hyper-partisan with two sides fighting for power rather than working on solutions. At the same time, our political system requires broad bipartisan support by design. We need an election system that encourages politicians to work for voters—not parties.

Elections are about accountability. If there’s no competition, there’s no accountability. But the way we vote now limits our choices and fails to hold politicians accountable to the communities they represent. We need a better way to elect candidates who will represent the will of the people. The best ideas should decide who wins, not the biggest bank account or outdated election rules that favor party bosses and special interests over voters. After all, elections are for voters, not politicians. 

Ballot Measure 2 is nonpartisan. It enhances campaign financing disclosure requirements, creates a top-four primary open to all Alaska voters, and empowers them to rank each candidate in order of their preference in the general election. Together, these reforms are designed to take back the power of our elections. 

End Dark Money


Protects the integrity and fairness of our elections by shining a light on secret “Dark Money” spending on campaigns.

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Permanently opens Alaska’s primaries to the more than 60% of Alaska’s registered voters who don’t want to have to join a particular political party to have their voices heard.

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Gives voters the option to rank candidates in the general election in order of preference. Ranked choice voting is a simple reform that gives Alaskans more choice and more power on Election Day.

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Join us in creating more fair and transparent elections. From donations to volunteering, you can be a part of returning the power of elections to the people.

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Ahead of November Elections, Poll finds overwhelming support for ballot measure 2

Key findings from the poll include:

  • Alaskans support Ballot Measure 2 by a 59 percent to 17 percent margin with 24 percent of voters undecided.

  • Supporters of the measure outnumber opponents among every subgroup, including men, women, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, youth, seniors, college graduates, non-college graduates, whites, non-whites, Biden voters, Trump voters, low, middle and high income. 

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