Alaskans for Better Elections is dedicated to ensuring that all Alaskan voters can confidently cast their votes on Election Day! Here are some resources to help understand Alaska's election system. Please let us know if there are additional resources we can provide! 

Additional Resources

A collection of video resources produced by various entities.

"Ranked Choice Voting - Explained"
by Alaska Division of Elections

"Alaska Ranked-Choice Voting Explainer"

"Get out the Native Vote: Ranked Choice Voting Explained"
by CITC Alaska

"Alaska ranked choice voting, explained"
by Anchorage Daily News & KTOO Public Media

"What is Ranked Choice Voting?"
by FairVote

"How does ranked-choice voting work?"
by MPR News

"Oscars Voting Explainer | Ranked Choice Voting"
by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences