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Yes on Measures 1 and 2

  • John D. Callahan Fairbanks

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To the editor: The oil companies are now using the similar ads as they did six years ago to act against the residents of Alaska who are asking once again by Ballot Measure 1 to get Alaska’s fair share of the oil wealth in Alaska.

In 2014, Gov. Sean Parnell, a former lobbyist for ConocoPhillips, and two senators who were at that time executives for ConocoPhillips, along with some complicit Republican state representatives, pushed through Senate Bill 21 that was known to be a huge financial giveaway of Alaska’s oil resources.

This put the state of Alaska in a downward economic spiral where the University of Alaska was drastically cut, K-12 public education was cut, and the Pioneers’ Homes funding was cut, as was the state ferry system operations in Southeast Alaska. Basically the oil companies have in the last six years taken over and decimated the state and our state government.

Vote yes on Ballot Measure 1 and demand a fair share of our resource wealth for all Alaskans. Also vote yes on Ballot Measure 2 to better protect the people’s voice in selecting our state representatives though fairer elections.