Letter: More independent thinkers

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When I was 18, I was proud to register as a Democrat in Alaska. I felt that the party represented Alaskans and values that were important to Alaska, even if most voters were afraid of that ā€œDā€ letter on the ballot. That has changed. Both major parties have divorced themselves from the welfare of Alaskans.

The Democratic Party acts as if Alaska is Massachusetts or Oregon and looks down their noses at all who do not share their exact beliefs. The Republican Party, as seen in the recent primaries, has committed itself to punishing bipartisanship in all its forms with far-right newcomer candidates.

As Alaska faces enormous budget and public health issues, this is the worst time imaginable for these attitudes. We need more bipartisan Republican senators like Natasha Von Imhof and more independent candidates like Alyse Galvin. I encourage everyone, especially new voters, to approve Ballot Measure 2. Ranked-choice voting takes power away from these two parties that are no longer interested in making life better for Alaskans and helps us elect more pragmatic party members and independents.

Josh Cravez