10 Things I Hate About 2

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1. I hate the way our system works, with artificially concentrated power.

2. I hate the gridlock and partisan divide that leaves no room in which to agree.

3. I hate how political debates are supposed to be multiple ideas on getting to good policy, but it’s clearly one party blatantly lying and wasting hour after hour.

4. I hate that special interests are more important than the voters; there is no accountability.

5. I hate how politicians can break any promises to us, but keep getting party support as long as they toe the party line.

6. I hate the way they talk, especially being condescended to by party elites who keep painting me as “confused.”

7. I hate that voters are left with the lesser of two evils most of the time.

8. I hate the way that some people would rather believe a lie than be disabused.

9. I hate that the group opposing strengthened disclosures literally broke the current disclosure laws to defraud us after all.

10. But mostly, I hate the way that I don’t hate Ballot Measure 2, not even a little — not even at all.

Help fix the system. Vote yes on Ballot Measure 2.

Jim Manners